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Ryan, thank you first of all for being so prompt, as usual...We are so happy to be working with such a great team...I learned so many things about mortgages from you over the past couple deals we are worked on together, when other brokers don't care to teach anything. I have recommended you already to a few friends and will continue to do so. My friend {G} was saying to me yesterday how positive her experience was with you and she was glad I recommended you to her. - M.P. 01/25/18
Thank you, Ryan! - L.K. 01/22/18
My experience with you was excellent. - M.M. 01/14/18
Thank you Ryan, you and Jana are great! - M.D. (Underwriter) 10/06/17
Great, thank you, Ryan! - L.K. 09/25/17
Things went well yesterday. Thank you both for all you did for me. I really appreciate it. God Bless you. - D.B. 07/18/17
I just wanted to say thank you again for making buying my house such a nice experience. Thank you for being available for questions and support at any time. I will be sure to recommend you to friends looking to buy. - J.L. 06/01/17
"...we certainly appreciate your help and how responsive you are..." - Q.N. 03/03/17
Superb! Thanks Ryan! - K.D. 01/23/17
Dear Ryan, Thank you for all of your help! We hope you have a wonderful holiday season. - A.K.N.P. 12/15/16
Thanks, you're the best! - A.S. 11/30/16
Thank you for all your help during our recent refinance process! It went so smooth and fast, that we didn't even realize that it has completed :) Going through a financial change is often a very emotional and difficult process. It gets much easier when working with a genuine and sincere person such as yourself, who puts customers' interests as a #1 priority. - Y.R. 11/29/16
I just wanted to thank you for all of your help especially with the closing. I can't tell you how appreciative we are. Blessings to you and your family - ADP 09/07/16
it’s been a pleasure working with you… very smooth. i will highly recommend. just want to say thank you. - J.R. 06/23/16
Hello there, Thank you so much for the detailed explanation and conditions sent for this file. The conditions were well organized and documented and made going thru the file quickly! Thank you again!! File is now approved - S.S. (Underwriter) 06/17/16
thanks again for always being so thorough and taking the time to answer my endless questions! You have made this whole process so much easier, less stressful and we really appreciate it. - I.F. 06/14/16
Thank you Ryan! You are wonderful... You just make things easy! - M.S. 06/02/16
I appreciate ur help... It was a smooth process thanks - S.C. 05/25/16
Awesome! You're fast! - Realtor 05/04/16
I would like to thank you for your help and effort during this process. You have provided me excellent customer service. You were always available and willing to do what it takes to make it happen. Whatever they pay you isn’t enough. You deserve a great big raise. - B.M. 04/15/16
Thank you so much for all your work and dedication to help us to buy our house! This has been really the smoothest transaction that we have had to experience with house purchases ever. :) ... Thank you again, you really are the best! - S.R.G. 04/08/16
...couldn't thank you guys enough for all that you have done for us!!! - V.L. 03/15/16
You've been great to work with. - S.B. 03/14/16
L. and I wanted to thank you again for all of your help over the past 6 weeks. You and your team made everything very easy to understand and told us exactly what we needed to do to get us to closing. We really appreciate everything you've done! - J.S. 02/01/16
Omg Ryan you did it man!!!!Thnk you soooooooo much for making it possible without you I don't think it would've been possible. Seriously I am Sooo thankful for everything you have done for us. You have no idea how grateful I feel today you helped us achieved our biggest goal!!! Thnk you soo much - D.M. 12/31/15
Your response time is incredible. - B.M. 12/03/15
Thanks again for everything that you help us out with. You made it much easier to get the mortgage completed and I thank you for that. If I have anybody else that is looking for a mortgage I will be sending them your way. - M.S. 11/11/15
Thanks again for handling our mortgage. - P.L. 10/13/15
Thanks again for all your help navigating this process. - K.M. 07/31/15
We really liked your work ethic and you were very informative the last we worked with you...We would like to work with you again if possible... Thanks so much. - E.L. 07/16/15
Everything worked out and we will never forget buying our first home. Thanks again - C.K. 06/16/15
Great job on this closing. P. and I just wanted to extend our thanks - D.B. 05/16/15
your knowledge of technology in totality just made everything go so smoothly. trying to get it was far easier with you at the helm than if i had selected [another mortgage company]... as far as we progressed, you always presented us with solutions, not problems... you made everything seamless, effortless - G.W. 05/07/15
WOW! I wasn't sure this was going happen. Great job you two! ! ! - P.D. 05/05/15
Moving our entire family across the country is so stressful... I feel like the [other] mortgage company is jerking me around... but we have a relationship with them... they have my documents, I thought it would be easier... knowing what I know now, If I could do it all over again, I would have chosen YOU [Home Source Mortgage] as my mortgage company. - T.P. 05/04/15
Thanks for everything. - N.L. 05/04/15
how big of a help you were for me ... and how we highly recommended you for what you did for us - J.J. 04/29/15
great news....thanks for everything - G.G. 04/28/15
... and I want to Thank You! for all of your help with re-financing our house. We closed yesterday. We really appreciate all of the work that you have done for us. Best Regards - V.W. 04/28/15
Just wanted to say thanks for all of your help in getting my mortgage refinanced. I really appreciate it! - J.A. 04/13/15
Thanks so much for your responsiveness over the last year or so. You’ve pretty much provided us with every option available, and I appreciate that... Thanks again for your timely follow-ups and sharing good information. - J.V. 03/26/15
Would like to thank you again for your time, kindness, knowledge and professionalism over the last few months ... I'm truly grateful that you took the time to help me navigate through this process. I want to sincerely thank you for all of your hard work and time involved. Thanks a billion! I can’t thank you enough! - K.B. 03/04/15
Thanks, Ryan! As always it has been great working with you once again... - K.A. 02/26/15
...thanks again for your help throughout the entire process. - A.Z. 02/02/15
All set! I know banks and title cos can be a pain... Thanks for all the hard work! - P.T. 12/31/14
We are very pleased and thankful for your diligence, dedication, thoroughness, and skills. - R.W. 11/15/14
You rock !! Thank you!! - T.H. 11/06/14
you have been very patient, accommodating, and simply put, just great to work with. I will happily recommend your services any chance we get. - J. & S. K. 11/05/14
I was happy to have all three of you on my team! ... I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying my new home. Each time I pull into the driveway I'm reminded at how fortunate I am. Thanks again for your part in getting me into my new home! - M.V. 10/02/14
I just wanted to say this borrower spoke very highly of you both. (comment from Title Company) - J.G. 09/09/14
Thanks for all of your help with everything. We greatly appreciate all that you've done. - D.S. 08/22/14
Settlement went awesomely. Smooth as silk. I cannot express my gratitude ... I know this wasn't an easy one so thanks for putting up with me. C and I are extremely're the man! - R.R. 08/18/14
Thank you for all you did for me, I love my new home!!! - M.G. 07/25/14
Ryan, Congratulations for 15 years in business and many more years to come. It was a pleasure dealing with you getting my mortgage. - S.W. 07/25/14
Thank you Ryan for all your help. - C.M. 06/10/14
Thanks you so much for all your hard work on this case. M. and I are really appreciated. We are very happy the things finally get done. Thanks again. - R. & M. K. 04/10/14
Ryan arrived with all our documents available... and you could tell he was incredibly organized ... We emailed him a million times a day, and he got back to us right away. He was amazing. - D.F. 01/17/14
I wanted to let you know that I am so happy with my mortgage company... I have had to call them a few times this year for various things. They are so great to work with. They always resolve any issues so quickly. I figured that you probably hear the complaints about mortgage companies and would welcome a very happy customer. Take care- - S.G. 11/13/13
Thank you so, so much for literally saving our lives and working so hard to get us to closing on time. We know it was stressful for us but can't imagine what it must have been like for you. This is the home of our dreams, and we wouldn't be able to have it without both of you. We truly do appreciate your hard work, time, and efforts throughout the mortgage process - thank you again for everything! With respect & gratitude. - D. & A. F. 11/01/13
Thank for making closing so easy today. Your attendance made it smooth for all parties. Please let me know if I can help you in the future. I’d love to work with you again in the near future. Have a great weekend. (Title Co.) - M.Y. 11/01/13
Thank YOU for getting us through. I also was glad that settlement was uneventful and if rates do change significantly, please do get in touch. Thanks again! - H.M. 10/15/13
Thank you again for your efforts. I appreciate it. It was a pleasure to work with you. I will definitely refer you and use you for myself in the future. - A.D. 10/01/13
Dear Ryan, Thank you again. - M. & E. 09/22/13
thanks Ryan you've been an absolute angel and I really appreciate all the hard work you put into this ... thanks again so much - S.S. 09/11/13
I just want to thank you for all your work done with our mortgage. You will be highly recommended mortgage specialists to all our friends. Sincerely yours. - A.B. 09/05/13
I just wanted to let you know you did a great job for us, very patient with, I can't thank you enough for all of the help you had given. I was telling (our realtor) I would definitely recommend you in a heartbeat over anyone else... if any of my friends need anything you will be the first guy I recommend, thanks again, take care. - F.M. 08/03/13
Thanks again. Always a pleasure doing business with you. - D. C. 07/28/13
I am very appreciative to have had options while we got through this time of uncertainty... Your prompt attention and expertise were an oasis of calm in this stressful time. I will not hesitate to refer anyone who needs mortgage services to you. Thanks a million, Ryan. - K.B. 07/17/13
Dear Ryan, S. and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the services you provided throughout this entire process. Originally, you knew that we intended to use someone else but still answered every one of our calls with the same high-level of integrity, intelligence, and respect. We could not be happier that you eventually became our mortgage adviser. We understand that finding us the right mortgage, with all of the variables taken into consideration, was NOT easy. Quitting was not an option to us, and are thankful that it was not an option to you either. As a result, S. and I would like to introduce you ... financial adviser who, occasionally, has clients that require mortgage services. We feel confident that you will provide the same high-level service to he and his clients that you and the Home Source Mortgage team displayed for us. Again, thank you. Our Best, D. & S. - D. & S. 06/25/13
Ryan, Your help, wisdom and generosity are greatly appreciated. Thank you. - D.M. 06/24/13
All is good! We are in our home and very happy! ... Thank you for everything you have done for us!! We appreciate it!!! - A.C. 06/22/13
Thank you ... for everything that you did for us to help get us started on this exciting new journey in our lives. We cannot wait for our new mortgage to kick in with the lower rate, and it will be so exciting to know that we are paying off our debt even faster than before. You both have truly gone above and beyond to make this happen for us and we will never forget your hard work and dedication to bring everything to fruition. You both have helped us to begin realizing one of our key goals: ... being invested in our future. We thank you for your dedicated follow up, for answering our many questions (sometimes repeatedly!) and for your unyielding dedication to your profession. We will gladly refer you and your company to everyone we know. Warmest regards, - K.C. 06/19/13
Thanks again for all your hard work. - F.I. 06/19/13
I just wanted to say thank you for all your help to get our loan closed. - D.M. 06/05/13
Dear Ryan, We are so sorry that this note is late. Thank you so much for your help and hard work on our mortgage loan. We really appreciated you taking the time to meet with us in our home and keeping us updated throughout the whole process. It was so important to us to be closer to our family and friends, and we are grateful that you helped me make that happen, especially given the rushed time frame. We are very happy in our new home, and we are thrilled to announce that we are expecting our first baby in July! Thanks again! Take Care - T. & J. 04/15/13
This is EXTREMELY helpful -- thank you! - F.I. 03/26/13
When you talked about providing information to your clients, it made me think about how I talk to my clients and I think that we are cut from the same cloth. I didn't feel like you were pressuring me in any way and it sounds like you genuinely want to help so thank you for that. - K.C. 03/02/13
Sweet! Thanks Ryan. - D.G. 02/21/13
I just wanted to thank you again for pulling off a miracle for us. It was a true pleasure working with you, and I look forward to continuing to do so. This is by far the most pleasant lending experience that I have after doing many loans, and I am so appreciative of your help. - Y.R. 02/20/13
I will send business your way anytime. - L.J. 02/19/13
Thanks for all your help. - K.W. 02/15/13
You guys have been fanatastic... Thank you both so much for everything - we are reall excited and thankful! - Y.R. 02/14/13
Thank you, Ryan... The settlement seemed to go without a hitch. - K.B. 01/26/13
Ryan, It is a pleasure working with you. Thank you very much for getting me a good mortgage. I hope you have a wonderful holiday. - S. 12/03/12
Dear Ryan, thank you so much for all of your help and hard work! We really appreciate everything. - M. & A. 11/30/12
We finished everything about an hour ago. - B.P. 11/21/12
You're the best we need to go out for a drink!!!!! - C.S. 11/14/12
Ryan, I see that the money hit my account today. Thank you for all that you have done to expedite this transaction. Thanks again. - C.T. 11/14/12
I really wanted to thank you guys for all the hard work you did for me. I know that my refinance was not the easiest on around to get done, but you guys got it done. I will make sure to refer you guys to anybody that is looking for a mortgage. - C.S 11/09/12
Ryan, thanks for the help. - D.H. 11/04/12
I signed all the papers today, it should be all settled. Thank you for everything. It was a very smooth process! - O.G. 09/26/12
Thank you... for all the hard work you did for me. I signed everything and M. was very nice. Thank you for being so patient with me and answering all of my questions. You're the best! Have a great weekend! - D.B. 09/21/12
Thank you Ryan. You are very kind. - J.J. 09/18/12
Please do know that A. and I are extremely appreciative of the time you took with us and the advice you gave us. You are our first stop for any refinancing needs and we will definitely recommend you to any friends or colleagues of ours. Thank you again. - J.G. 09/05/12
Thank you... you are too kind. You have been an excellent example of what this industry could and should be. There are far too many, for whatever reasons, who have a lack of respect for the business and the people in it. Appraiser moral has been at an all-time low over the past few years. The professionalism exhibited by management companies is almost nonexistent. Are you trying to change my cynical opinion of most loan officers and management companies? Thanks again. - B.Sa. 09/04/12
Thanks so much for such a thorough evaluation! We really appreciate your assistance. - J.A. 08/31/12
It was a pleasure working with you and Jana. It is very easy to work with people who understand how the industry works. I never had to worry about you guys turning in files that didn't make sense. It was fun and enjoyable to work with you guys. I wish you the best with the longevity to your business... I would trust your operation to do my mortgage (and that says a lot). If I can help you in any way let me know - even a comment for your website or something. You can even use me as a reference for potential customers too. I would want someone like you to fight for my behalf if I ever needed it. - C.R. Wells Fargo Mortgage Loan Specialist 08/31/12
Thank you very much. - T.A. 08/30/12
An informed mortgage broker is the most important person in the team to buy a house. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us. - J.S. 08/30/12
When you hire Home Source Mortgage Corporation, they help you even after your settlement if needed. Although I had a Settlement over a month ago, Ryan had discovered that the title Company had made a minor error immediately after closing. He continued to work on this problem until it was resolved. Ryan is not the type of person who leaves you once the Settlement is over. He continues to be there for you if you need him after Settlement. - S.C. 07/25/12
J. and I are thinking about buying a house in the near future. Obviously you are our first choice for mortgage. - J&D 07/14/12
Hope all is well and thanks again for all your help during this... it's always so challenging but you were always available to assist when needed. - L.J. 06/05/12
Ryan thanks again for your continued excellent communication to us about what is happening and what to expect next! - M.S. 04/19/12
Thanks again for all your help and hard work. - D.S. 04/16/12
Thanks for rushing Ryan! I appreciate your efforts. - D.R. Realtor 04/12/12
Just wanted to let you know that everything went smooth at the closing today. Thank you again for all the hard work you put into this, especially considering the loan amount. I will definitely recommend you guys to anyone in need of a mortage or a refi. - D.A. 03/26/12
Ryan you are the best! Keep up the good work. - Realtor 03/24/12
Thanks again for the updates... much appreciated. - B.D. 03/22/12
I have also referred another couple of my friends to you. You are one of the most pleasant and not-pushy mortgage [consultants] I've ever worked with. Thanks again. - O.E. 03/17/12
Thank you for everything you were really great and I really mean that, you answered every question and everything was correct. - R.M. 03/16/12
All done, a fine job by all involved. - S.R. 03/15/12
You have a very calming effect. - E.P. 03/06/12
I want to thank you for all the time and effort you have put into helping me [with] my loan. As you know, three previous banks I had contacted on my own had denied me. You never gave up on me and worked extremely hard at finding me a bank that would refinace my loan. You are very knowledgeable about the mortage industry, and were always able to answer my endless questions. like just a number case with you. You were extremely responsive at all hours of the day. I was never left dangling with you, as you kept me up to date. Truly, you bring customer service to a new level! - Mr.C. 03/05/12
Thank you Ryan, you have made this process so easy. - L.L. 03/02/12
Thanks again for all of the help!! - B.J.R. 03/01/12
We were not only referring people your way because you are the best, not becasue we were trying to do you any favors, so good luck and hopefully we can send more referrals your way, maybe we can work together in the future again, thank you so much. All the best. - D.G. 02/27/12
Hi, Ryan I wanted to drop you a line and thank you for all of your help and work on securing the refinancing on my new mortgage recently. Everything went very smoothly and you made a daunting process seem effortless. I have now paid my first mortgage payment and so far so good... Thank you again and I will definitely recommend you to family and friends. - M.M. 02/24/12
Thanks again for everything! - B.A. 02/20/12
Great job, I don't know how you do it when everyone else can't get it done. - B.F. 02/17/12
We cannot thank you enough for what you have done for us. - E.M. 02/15/12
Your're the man! - D.M. 02/13/12
Thank you very much, have a nice weekend! - B.A. 02/10/12
Super excited to save so much money!! - D.A. 02/10/12
Thank you! You are the only lender that is able to get the job done on time for the buyer. Keep up the good work. - B.F. (Realtor) 02/10/12
Thank you times a million for your help! - Dr. A.B. 12/29/11
You have worked so hard on this one. Thank you. - D.H. 12/15/11
Dear Ryan, Thank you. You are a great person to work with. - D&M.H. 12/14/11
Thanks. You have been most helpful to me during this diffcult and nervous time for me... Ryan is wonderful and if anyone can get the job done... it will be him. - S.C. 12/11/11
Ryan: thank you for yesterday. I feel very comfortable with you that I am in good hands and I feel I can trust you. You were very knowlegdeable and professional but human too if you know what I mean. Thank you so much for everything and going out of your way. .... You are the best, thanks again - D.B. 11/30/11
Thanks for all your help! - F.B. 11/30/11
I'm saving 380/month which is fantastic, couldn't be happier - F.B. 11/29/11
You are fast! Thank you! I also appreciate the advice you gave - J.J. 11/16/11
Ryan made this process easy to understand and was available around the close to answer my questions. He worked hard and made me feel very comfortable. - D.B. 10/25/11
Hi Ryan: ... I just wanted to send you a short note to say thank you... I enjoyed working with you. Hope to work with you again soon! - M.Y. 10/15/11
Both S. and I could not have expected to have such a pleasant visit. And, for sure, the best part we in no way shape or form felt we were being hustled, an unfortunate tenant in your industry, whether in-house or independent. Anticipating a smooth sail, you can count on our recommendation. You are on the right track. - M.F. 10/14/11
I gotta get a hug. - [client statement at end of settlement] 10/14/11
Ryan - Can't thank you enough... I will be singing your praises for a long time. Thanks so much! - R.R. 10/12/11
You've been so helpful - C.S. 10/11/11
How is it possible that you can get a clear-to-close a week in advance, but my in-house mortgage guy can't get a clear-to-close 1 HOUR in advance of settlement - C.R. (realtor) 10/10/11
You are good! - L.Ba. 10/06/11
Gonig electronic was a great choice... it helps to have electonic copies I can archive, email, or print whenever I need. Thanks! - D.G. 09/20/11
Thanks Ryan, you are so on top of it! - L.BI. 09/13/11
Thanks again for all your help in making this overwhelming process more comfortable and easier to understand. We appreciate it so very much! - C.R. 09/08/11
If we move to Florida, can you come down and do our mortgage for us? - R.R. 09/07/11
We also wanted to thank you again for all of your knowledge and flexibility during the process. We could not imagine a more responsive, customer friendly and most importantly competent mortgage professional! I am very grateful for your calm handling of all of my never ending questions and for your dedication to our case. It's a rarity to find someone so good and so reliable, and we are very grateful to have worked with you twice in the last couple of years. - D.G. 08/29/11
Thank you very much once again and look forward to working with you again in the future! - A.G. 08/29/11
Thanks for the quick response. - E.S. 08/28/11
We really appreciated you getting us more acclimated and comfortable with the whole mortage process and were impressed with your candid approach with fees, etc. - A.T. 08/28/11
We are very happy and very excited. Thank you Ryan. - D.E. 08/25/11
Thanks- you're great! - C.R. 08/12/11
Thank you so much for all your help. - K.W. 08/09/11
Hi Ryan-Thanks for all your help, you are extremely responsive - P.M. 08/02/11
You have really made this entire process so, so easy for us. Amazing - R.S. 08/01/11
Thank you Ryan, for being so nice. - T.K. 08/01/11
As soon as you got involved, all of my stress went away. I can't imagine not having you with us at settlement. - P.T. 07/15/11
Ryan you are a pleasure to work with and so helpful - K.B. 07/08/11
Great news...! Thanks for all your help and hard work! - D.E. 06/23/11
Thanks for everything. This was by far the easiest mortgage process I have ever been through!!!! - S.Z. 06/22/11
Thank you Ryan for an excellent, professional settlement for my buyers. They said you were there for them every step of the way. - J.D. 06/05/11
I just wanted to write and thank you again for all of your efforts on our mortgage... it all worked out in the end... Obviously, we would recommend you to anyone we know who is buying a house or looking to refinace... you never stopped trying, and we really appreciate everything. - J.P. 05/25/11
Ryan Kaplan has to be the hardest working man in mortgages! He was extremely responsive at all hours of the day or night, either by email or phone. Nothing seemed to rattle him! His calm demeanor combined with his extensive knowledge made the process less intimidating for a first-time home buyer! There are people who are good at what they do but are not good people per se; Ryan not only knows his stuff, he's a genuine nice guy who renews your faith in people in the mortgage industry. - M.F. 04/21/11
Dear Ryan, Thank you so much for all your help!... We truly appreciate everything you've done for us and without you, we will be pretty much lost and not knowing how to deal with the different issues that were popping up. We sincerely thank you... pleasue working with you. - D.K.B. 04/07/11
I just want to let you know again that K.A. and I truly appreciate your help and professionalism - D.B. 03/15/11
Thanks Ryan. Appreciate the work that you did. - B.L. 03/08/11
I have all of these people calling me about mortgages, but I don't want to work with them because I don't trust them. That is why I want to work with you. - S.B. 03/08/11
Thank you again for everything. You've been tremendously helpful throughout this process... - J.P. 03/03/11
You have been very helpful... I understand the process much more than I did at the beginning. You've been open to answering all of my detail-obsessed questions, and I really appreciate that! I know everyone needs to make money, but I don't feel like that is the first thing on your mind. So, just wanted to say thanks :) - J.R. 02/02/11
Thanks again for your help. - T.F. 01/25/11
Just wanted to say thank you for all of your assistance... I couldn't be any more satisfied with my new rate and you made the process easy. Thanks. - A.F. 01/17/11
I would like to thank... you in helping us close... in a timely manner. We really appreciate all of your help and cooperation to expedite this... - R.P. 12/13/10
You were great! Use me as a reference any time. - Dr. E.R. 12/09/10
Thank you Ryan... You gave us the confidence that everything would come through and it did. Have a great holiday! - C.J. 12/06/10
I work for a large bank who offers special employee pricing... Ryan was still able to offer a better rate... I would highly recommend his services - C.S. 10/06/10
No matter what information it is, it's at your fingertips and I don't know how you do that, it never ceases to amaze me. Your organizational skills are impeccable. - M.Eg. 08/18/10
Ryan Kaplan referral was the best referral I ever had in my life. It was good, it was clean, it was easy. - M.Ey. 06/29/10
I worked with Ryan to refinance my home mortgage. He was so easy to work with - attention to every deatail, thorough, friendly, and ultra-responsive. He answered every question I had and worked hard on my behalf. I always felt like I was his top priority client and I highly recommend him. - A.M. 01/25/10
I wanted to thank you for all that you have done for us to make out settlement and mortgage go smoothly. Even though we trusted the recommendation up front based on [a colleague's] relationship with you, we were immediately at ease with your professional manner and warm personality. Thank you for the time you spent with us and we will continue to recommend you to our friends. - N.Z. 12/21/07

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